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“Music can be the most wonderful sanctuary where you can face familiar as well as strange aspects. A place of longings and dreams.”

For years music has been one of the preferred means of communication for the creative all-round artist who lives in Cologne. In the early years while growing up with Art and Jazz Rock, m'tinara learned how to deal with the four deep strings as a completely self-taught artist.Influenced, among others, by musicians such as Bill Laswell, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno or Jamaaladeen Tacuma, she gathered her first practical experience as a bassist in various bands which fluctuated stylistically somewhere between Fake Jazz, Electrique Blues and experimental Improvisation Music.There is no doubt that the time spent with the „Hans Kopf Quartett“ and the bands „Wolfkopf“, „Mud“ and, in particular, „S.O.M.A“ was formative and contributed a great deal to m'tinaras musical sensitisation.But it has only been since she began working under her own direction that m'tinara has felt in a position to produce music coming closest to her very own ideas.Today she is working as a composer, bassist, keyboarder, singer and ambitious sound producer on an individual atmospheric music of enigmatic beauty:Filigree and solemn, sensitive and relaxed, minimalistic and intricately groovy, emotional and dreamily melodic, full of brilliant details and yet, despite everything, never esoterically pampered.

the colours in you - 1997
circles - 2010
maverick - 2012

time's arrow - 2018


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